Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lime green!

It has been awhile since my last blog. You would think I was up to some projects, however that wasn't the case!! With the weather changing, I have a feeling I will be starting projects and blogging more. Mom - I know you are happy now!

Today, I thought I would show off my kitchen changes. Since moving into our home 6 months ago, I have been trying to decide what color I should make our kitchen. After seeing the new Fiestaware color - Lemon grass, I decided this was the color I would make it. I am now going to start collecting lime green kitchen accessories. Here is just a start to my collection! I will keep you posted on additions - because you know I am always out buying something! :) Mom - if you are reading this - be on the lookout for cute lime-green items to add! Maybe I should buy a table to put by the back door and painted it a lime color?!

The flash makes the color more yellow, but it really is more green. The picture doesn't do any justice. Anyways, this was my inspiration.

I always make sure to have some green apples on hand - just to add to the green! :) Maybe I should invest in some "faux-fruit" since we never eat them!!

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