Friday, July 30, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 4

Happy Friday!! Today's feature room is our Living Room. When we sold our old home, the buyers bought almost all of our furniture. I had alot of fun picking out new pieces to fit our new home. Not very often to you get to walk into a furniture store and buy new everything for your home!! What a rush! :)

Updates to the Living Room include:
*Painting the walls
*Mounted TV above fireplace
*Added ceiling fan (the previous owners felt they needed to take the old one)
*Cleaned carpets
*Added wood blinds (they also felt they needed to take all the blinds from the home)


Putting up ceiling fan...

Any ideas what I can put in the built-in area above the couch?

2-sided fireplace - other side is to kitchen

Foyer view - new table from Pier 1

Love the built-ins - just not sure what to put there yet
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 3

Yesterday, I went and visited my brother in MN. I had a great time (went outlet shopping), but it made me fall a little behind on my blog! Today I will feature my kitchen. While I have done some work, it was already in pretty good shape.

Kitchen Tasks Completed:
-Wiped down all dirty cupboards (they were covered with dirt and things I don't even want to know after not being used for almost 3 years)
-Fixed leaky refridgerator (saved us buying a new one for $800)
-Painted the mustard looking walls
-Added new kitchen table
-Hung green curtains on sliding glass door (did you know it costs $1,000 to buy a decent blind for the sliding glass door????)

Before picture... I wish you could have seen how dirty the cabinets were!!

Here I am starting the unpacking!

Better view of walls before the painting.

Some after pictures: I ordered my stools from - love them!

Of course Bailey has a special spot.

We love the 2-sided fireplace. I am still working on finding the right pieces for the cubby! This possibly calls for a trip to Pier 1 soon. :)

The island has granite counters - I am in love!

And my favorite kitchen appliance - my YELLOW mixer!! (You can also see the backsplash!!)

All in all, we just needed to clean it up in the kitchen and paint. I love my kitchen! It's the perfect size for us.

On a side note: Our backyard fence is making progress! Have a great day!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 2

As I promised, here are our backyard transformation pictures. I wish we would have taken some before pictures of what the backyard really looked like. When we arrived, we had a 4ft thistle welcoming us home. It looked like it had been growing for 3 years!! We had a picture of this, but I can't find it! So... the gloves when on, the shovel came out, and I got to work!

I have been busy pulling out all the grass that had grown through the edge of the rocks, planted more perennials, and stained the deck. I also stained the deck this past weekend to freshen it up. It feels like a whole new backyard!

After we stained the deck. Painting around those spindles was not fun!

We love the covered deck...

Our backyard neighbor - South Dakota cornfield!

More pictures of our newly stained deck. We used the color Natural Cedar. It looks 100% better.

We also are putting in a privacy fence for our puppy - excited to see they got started yesterday!

I will post more pictures when they are done. Tomorrow will feature my kitchen! Have a good day!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 1

We have now been in our home for almost a month!! It's hard to believe time has gone so fast. With the home being a foreclosure, we have been working pretty hard trying to get it back into shape!

Each day this week, I am going to reveal a new room in my home. I plan on showing you the before and after pictures. I have been hard at work - and still have plenty to do. This will be my motivation to get everything unpacked!!

Today I will reveal the outside of the home. We worked VERY hard on the outside - especially this weekend. Enjoy!

Pulled out all the weeds in landscaping and added alot of perennials! I picked out a bunch of different colored flowers to brighten it up. :) I hope they grow alot bigger next year - they look so small right now!

Another view of home...

Right by the front door was this mysterious water hole. I wish I had a picture before we starting tearing this apart, but we don't. It was a hole on stinky water. A few weeks ago we scooped out the water, added dirt and planted a flower in it. After it rained, the hole filled up again and killed my beautiful flowers. So now it was time for Plan B this weekend!!

My husband first emptied all the stinky water from the hole. Here is Stuart digging out all the rock around it.

Still working...

An hour later, he was able to pull this part out of the ground. We are thinking it was meant to be some sort of pond, but it was left unused for over 2 years and did not smell good. I was so glad to see this gone!!

Stuart got pretty dirty - which I think he enjoyed.

After ripping out the tube and bottom that was holding the water, we filled it back in with rocks.

We then went out and found this beautiful blue pot to take the nasty hole's spot. I may need to find a smaller pot or two to sit next to it. I am also hoping the surrounding perennials will grow bigger around it.

And of course - our little helper! Wet!

We were also busy this weekend staining our back deck. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update - the backyard!

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