Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 5

As I am preparing for my vacation to Tokyo, Japan, I thought I would share one last room - the master bedroom. The room really didn't need more than paint and a good cleaning. The one thing that really surprised me was the previous owners had a dark red ceiling - definitely not my choice for a smaller room!!

Before... Master Bath - I have no problem with the color, but it shouldn't be allowed in a bathroom!!


Love the double sinks!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 4

Happy Friday!! Today's feature room is our Living Room. When we sold our old home, the buyers bought almost all of our furniture. I had alot of fun picking out new pieces to fit our new home. Not very often to you get to walk into a furniture store and buy new everything for your home!! What a rush! :)

Updates to the Living Room include:
*Painting the walls
*Mounted TV above fireplace
*Added ceiling fan (the previous owners felt they needed to take the old one)
*Cleaned carpets
*Added wood blinds (they also felt they needed to take all the blinds from the home)


Putting up ceiling fan...

Any ideas what I can put in the built-in area above the couch?

2-sided fireplace - other side is to kitchen

Foyer view - new table from Pier 1

Love the built-ins - just not sure what to put there yet
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 3

Yesterday, I went and visited my brother in MN. I had a great time (went outlet shopping), but it made me fall a little behind on my blog! Today I will feature my kitchen. While I have done some work, it was already in pretty good shape.

Kitchen Tasks Completed:
-Wiped down all dirty cupboards (they were covered with dirt and things I don't even want to know after not being used for almost 3 years)
-Fixed leaky refridgerator (saved us buying a new one for $800)
-Painted the mustard looking walls
-Added new kitchen table
-Hung green curtains on sliding glass door (did you know it costs $1,000 to buy a decent blind for the sliding glass door????)

Before picture... I wish you could have seen how dirty the cabinets were!!

Here I am starting the unpacking!

Better view of walls before the painting.

Some after pictures: I ordered my stools from - love them!

Of course Bailey has a special spot.

We love the 2-sided fireplace. I am still working on finding the right pieces for the cubby! This possibly calls for a trip to Pier 1 soon. :)

The island has granite counters - I am in love!

And my favorite kitchen appliance - my YELLOW mixer!! (You can also see the backsplash!!)

All in all, we just needed to clean it up in the kitchen and paint. I love my kitchen! It's the perfect size for us.

On a side note: Our backyard fence is making progress! Have a great day!!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Home Reveal - Project 2

As I promised, here are our backyard transformation pictures. I wish we would have taken some before pictures of what the backyard really looked like. When we arrived, we had a 4ft thistle welcoming us home. It looked like it had been growing for 3 years!! We had a picture of this, but I can't find it! So... the gloves when on, the shovel came out, and I got to work!

I have been busy pulling out all the grass that had grown through the edge of the rocks, planted more perennials, and stained the deck. I also stained the deck this past weekend to freshen it up. It feels like a whole new backyard!

After we stained the deck. Painting around those spindles was not fun!

We love the covered deck...

Our backyard neighbor - South Dakota cornfield!

More pictures of our newly stained deck. We used the color Natural Cedar. It looks 100% better.

We also are putting in a privacy fence for our puppy - excited to see they got started yesterday!

I will post more pictures when they are done. Tomorrow will feature my kitchen! Have a good day!
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