Friday, February 12, 2010

Front Door Decor

I was getting tired of the red wreath I had on my front door and decided and it time for a change! I found our last name initial "S" and Hobby Lobby - 50% - $5. I then found the art canvas board from Walmart - it was $5 for 3 of them. All of the other supplies I had at home. This project ended up costing me around $7!

Step one was spray painting the gold letter to RED of course! I then sanded it down and put a dark stain over it - two coats.


I covered the canvas with some leftover fabric I used in our living room. Once that was finished, I used gorilla glue and attached the S to the board. I asked Stuart twice to drill holes in the board, so I could finish it up, but he was too busy for this one. I took matters into my own hands and learned out to use a drill! It was a very exciting moment for me! I hope you enjoy!

On a side note: check out all the snow we have! Last I heard, we had 31" on the ground - expecting at least 4 more inches this weekend. Is Summer here yet?