Friday, July 10, 2009

Keeping myself busy...

Here are some of the new happenings at our home:

298 forks and spoons! Yes, we were spooned and forked!! When we woke up on July 4 - I looked outside and discovered all the plastic silverware in our front yard. Stuart's friends love pranks!! No, I didn't count them all, but Stuart did! This picture was taken around 6:30am! I was wondering what people were thinking as they went by for their morning walks!

Bought a silver tray from Goodwill to display those wicker balls on my shelf to complete the wall! Thanks for the idea Libby!

New storm door on the back of house... Apparently last owner just let the wind take the other one off! Feels great to let some sun in the house. The cats sleep on the rug all day in the sun and love it!

New jar for the ping pong balls in the "Man Room."

Added decal above TV in the "Man Room." Live, Laugh, Golf!

New pictures above the couch in family room... I guess I could have made the couch look nice before taking the picture, but sounded like too much work I guess!

Another guest room! We bought new mattress for our room and moved our old one downstairs! Thanks for the comforter Mom!! Now we have room for all kinds of family and friends to visit Watertown!

The Life of a Puppy

Stuart is out of town for five days, so this leaves plenty of time to be with Bailey! I thought I would share how tough it is to be a puppy!!

Let me out of the kitchen! The gate is in the way!!

Lounging in the backyard eating weeds... Yum!!

By far, my best picture taken of Bailey! She loves our sandbox (as you can see her hole!).
Trapped in the kitchen!!
The dreaded pet gate... These were the best investment we ever made!! Keeps our brand new carpet clean!!