Monday, June 1, 2009

New additions to our home!

Well, another succesful weekend of bargain shopping completed! I am excited to share all the items I bought for our home!!

I purchased this chair with my earnings from our rummage sale (plus some of my saved $$) at Slumberland. We had a coupon for 25% any item for just moving into town. This saved me some big money!! I think it fits in perfectly! The pillow was just bought this weekend - 50% off at JcPenney's! Deal!
I also added the vase with the "sticks" in our living room. The vase was 50% at Hobby Lobby! Another great deal!

This picture was also purchased from Hobby Lobby - which I used a 40% off coupon printed from their website! The quote ("Love as Long as You Live") is one I used at our wedding during my toast, so it has some sentimental value as well. This shelf is in our family room - downstairs.

I found this plate rack at Goodwill for $3.50. I then searched all over town for plates and ended up buying Fiesta dishes from Macy's. They too were on sale - 30% off. I have always dreamed of collecting Fiesta dishes - so this will start it up! There are so many cute dishes - will need to save up money for more!! Or - potential Christmas gifts (hint hint)!

Another great find was this wall decal from Hobby Lobby. I also used a 40% coupon on this! I think it looks great above the sink. If you would ask my husband, he doesn't care for it, but I like it - and I am the one who is always slaving away in the kitchen! :)

All in all, I had a great weekend seeing friends and family. We filled up my little Corolla on the way back - created many laughs for people driving next to us!! We also managed to fit a 42 inch plasma TV in my car (the trunk wouldn't shut all the way) for our Game Room. I will blog on that on a later date, once the room gets closer to completion!!

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