Monday, March 8, 2010

Blue Chair

While out thrifting on Sunday, I found this chair hidden under the store's holiday decorations. I knew I needed this chair - I loved the design of the back of it! After looking through a few magazines, I decided to try out a blue color!! The project cost only $7 and I LOVE my new chair in our kitchen!! The color looks great with my Fiestaware. :)


  1. Crystal, YOu did a wonderful job on this pretty and chic chair. I love the updated color and it is enhanced by the fun fabric.
    Great job! I'm re-doing a little mahogney chair in my bathroom. This is a big inspiration.

  2. Definitely love the blue color, can't wait to see the foot stool. Perhaps bring it with you and we can have a spray paint party this weekend! Woo hoo!