Thursday, February 26, 2009

Packing day! Goodbye home!

Well, the day has come! It's time to pack up the house and make the move! I am so happy we have a moving company coming to pack a majority of our things and bring it to our new home. I am really excited about our new home, but sad to leave this one. It was our first home - many memories here (even though we only lived here a year!).

Some Memories:

*My bridal shower with close college friends
*Gift opening - day after the wedding with close family and friends
*Grilling out in the backyard
*Stuart and my brother Michael building our shed (Stuart's prized possession)
*Laying out in the sun looking at the pond
*Dinner parties, game nights, movie nights, etc.

So many memories we are leaving - guess we will have to make some new ones in our new home that are even better!!